Our Goal
To provide music that will give glory to God and inspire us

Our Limit
To use music with NO worldly feel (No rock-n-roll beat, country, or dancing)

Our Hope
To see you show love and maturity and use your skill for God

Name of Leader


Church Name


City, State, Zip


Phone / Fax / E-M


Name of Song


Number of Signers

1     2     3     4     Choir:

Use tape or CD?

Tape     CD     None

Voice interpreter?

YES     NO     Who will voice?

How To Do This:

  1. Give copy of words (and tape) to Pastor Mark Coleman to check

  2. Practice at schedule time on stage listed below

  3. If your practice passed, pray for God to use your music for His Glory

  4. If you use a tape, give it to audio person before you perform and pick up after the service

  5. If you use a voice interpreter, please practice with them

    Note:  If your song is not approved, you may try another one.  Please accept decision of DBFA rules.  We do not want any music to offend Christians.

(for official use only)

Approval:     Yes     No     Change     Reason____________________

Practice time on stage:     Mon     Tue     Wed     Thu     ____________ AM / PM

Performance Time:     Mon     Tue     Wed     Thu     Fri     _________ AM / PM

Signature of DBFA Music Director: __________________________

UPDATED:  03/07/2014